Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sneak Peek at Woody Allen's Latest Film: Bop Decameron

    Preview photos from the new Woody Allen movie, Bop Decameron, set in Rome. The film is a modern day take on the 1300's medieval fables of Giovanni Boccaccio. There are about 100 narratives in the ancient stories; so, we can expect a movie full of variety. The bar is set high since Penelope Cruz won her Oscar in her last Allen film! Love the addition of Alec Baldwin – he lights up my life in 30 Rock. I'm glad to see Jesse Eisenberg and Ellen Page going back to their roots with comedy. I'm not a fan of their "drama" faces.

    The film will be told in four parts. Part One involves Woody as apart of an American couple traveling to Italy to meet their future son-in-law. Part Two is a case of mistaken identity as a normal man is confused for a movie star. Part Three features Alec as an architect painting the town red with local friends. Lastly, Part Four follows a recently married couple getting lost in the eternal city. I'm to see Allen adding Italy to his European film roster. Spain, England, Paris... I wonder what city is next.

Scroll down for more and check out NYMag’s site for the rest.

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