Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bawling Your Eyes Out: Sad Films

   This week an article from Smithsonian magazine called 1979’s The Champ: “the saddest movie in the world.” Scientific studies have shown more people cry in this last scene than the infamous Bambi death. These scientists have used The Champ to observe psycho/neurological characteristics. Sad movies even show a human produces tears!

    I haven’t seen The Champ (neither the remake or the original); so, I can’t confer with this claim. However, as a film buff, I’ve seen some heart-wrenching-ugly-cry movies. Just off the top of my head: Life is Beautiful, Steel Magnolias, Sophie’s Choice, Selena, A Walk to Remember, In America, Philadelphia, Schinder’s List, Toy Story 3, Monsters Inc, Bambi, The Lion King, and Up. Lastly, who can forget Shirley Maclaine screaming “GIVE my daughter her shot!” or Debra Winger saying goodbye to her kids in Terms of Endearment?

   Why do we watch these movies? Obviously, some tears are a surprise. I don’t go to a Disney film with the anticipation of bawling my eyes out. *Maybe I should reconsider that. That list speaks for itself.* I’ve gone to the theater for “tearjerkers” or “emotional” stories. I held my Kleenex tightly as I watched the last Harry Potter. Oh, Dobby! I don’t regret seeing these type of movies but (personally) I can’t go all the time or else I’d want to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge. I especially avoided Nicole Kidman’s Rabbit Hole because it deals with parents and the death of a child. *I’m practically sobbing thinking of it right now!*

What do you think is the saddest movie ever?

What is the saddest movie ever?
The Champ
Steel Magnolia
Terms of Endearment
My Girl
Life is Beautiful
The Green Mile
Schinder's List
Brian's Song
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