Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bawling Your Eyes Out: Sad Films

   This week an article from Smithsonian magazine called 1979’s The Champ: “the saddest movie in the world.” Scientific studies have shown more people cry in this last scene than the infamous Bambi death. These scientists have used The Champ to observe psycho/neurological characteristics. Sad movies even show a human produces tears!

    I haven’t seen The Champ (neither the remake or the original); so, I can’t confer with this claim. However, as a film buff, I’ve seen some heart-wrenching-ugly-cry movies. Just off the top of my head: Life is Beautiful, Steel Magnolias, Sophie’s Choice, Selena, A Walk to Remember, In America, Philadelphia, Schinder’s List, Toy Story 3, Monsters Inc, Bambi, The Lion King, and Up. Lastly, who can forget Shirley Maclaine screaming “GIVE my daughter her shot!” or Debra Winger saying goodbye to her kids in Terms of Endearment?

   Why do we watch these movies? Obviously, some tears are a surprise. I don’t go to a Disney film with the anticipation of bawling my eyes out. *Maybe I should reconsider that. That list speaks for itself.* I’ve gone to the theater for “tearjerkers” or “emotional” stories. I held my Kleenex tightly as I watched the last Harry Potter. Oh, Dobby! I don’t regret seeing these type of movies but (personally) I can’t go all the time or else I’d want to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge. I especially avoided Nicole Kidman’s Rabbit Hole because it deals with parents and the death of a child. *I’m practically sobbing thinking of it right now!*

What do you think is the saddest movie ever?

What is the saddest movie ever?
The Champ
Steel Magnolia
Terms of Endearment
My Girl
Life is Beautiful
The Green Mile
Schinder's List
Brian's Song
Other (write in comments) free polls

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sneak Peek at Woody Allen's Latest Film: Bop Decameron

    Preview photos from the new Woody Allen movie, Bop Decameron, set in Rome. The film is a modern day take on the 1300's medieval fables of Giovanni Boccaccio. There are about 100 narratives in the ancient stories; so, we can expect a movie full of variety. The bar is set high since Penelope Cruz won her Oscar in her last Allen film! Love the addition of Alec Baldwin – he lights up my life in 30 Rock. I'm glad to see Jesse Eisenberg and Ellen Page going back to their roots with comedy. I'm not a fan of their "drama" faces.

    The film will be told in four parts. Part One involves Woody as apart of an American couple traveling to Italy to meet their future son-in-law. Part Two is a case of mistaken identity as a normal man is confused for a movie star. Part Three features Alec as an architect painting the town red with local friends. Lastly, Part Four follows a recently married couple getting lost in the eternal city. I'm to see Allen adding Italy to his European film roster. Spain, England, Paris... I wonder what city is next.

Scroll down for more and check out NYMag’s site for the rest.

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Men of Hunger Games


    On newsstands today are the men of Hunger Games on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. I practically ate the Hunger Games Trilogy. YA Lit? PLEASE! These nail-biting and ridiculously addictive novels are a must read for everyone. I know these films will follow the legacies of Harry Potter and Twilight. After looking at these pictures of Gale and Peeta (the two boys fighting for her affection), I really want to be Katniss Everdeen. Check out the rest on EW's site.

Guurrl, I am jealous of YOU!


At The Movies Today: Friday July 29, 2011

Opening Today: July 29th

 Cowboys Vs. Aliens
 Indiana Jones and James Bond… Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig, and Olivia Wilde star in the sci-fi western fighting against, you guessed it, visitor’s from outer space. Who knew these kind of movies were even possible? Now don’t groan just yet, Iron Man director Jon Favreau has a “big name” cast with material from the original comic book series. This may be a winner. Expect sold out screenings.  (Rated PG-13)

 Crazy, Stupid, Love
  I’m shaking with anticipation to see this rom com staring Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Julianne Moore, Marissa Tomei, and Kevin Bacon. When’s the last time we’ve seen an ensemble like this? Ryan plays a ladies’ man taking Steve under his wing to show him how to get back into the game after discovering his wife had an affair. I’m expecting this to be a rom com with actual substance. *Are you listening Katherine Heigl?* (Rated PG-13)

The Smurfs
 They’re tiny, annoying, and will have every kid wish they were blue too. This family flick starts Neil Patrick Harris and Glee’s Jayma Mays. (Rated PG)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sandwich Snacks: Today's Dinner Roundup

     New Posters  

The Ides of March

    George Clooney stars and directs this film about political campaigns. Ryan Gosling, Marissa Tomei, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Evan Rachel Wood and Paul Giamatti join him in what’s to be a “must see” movie. View the creative poster with half George and half Ryan.

The Muppets

    The final poster for Jason Segel's muppet extravanganza is finally here. After many teasers, the poster has all our old friends and the lovely Amy Adams. I don't care what age you are. Who DOESN'T love the muppets?

     New Trailers  

New Year's Eve

    Gary Marshall has a made a almost sequel to Valentine’s Day. New Year’s Eve is the same concept – big cast, one day in their lives, love… blah, blah, blah. I won’t even mention the cast because I don’t have the space in the entire blog universe. Eh, why lie? I’ll probably see it.

Hell on Wheels

    This Civil War TV drama follows a ex-Confederate seeking payback for the murder of his wife by Union soldiers. Must point out that COMMON is a costar with the role as a former slave. Now I hope this doesn’t take time away from his music. *I still miss his Gap ad’s.* AMC’s Western is set to premiere in November.


    I can’t believe they based a movie on the battleship game. “C5, DIRECT HIT!” Liam Neeson just can’t say no to a role apparently. Oh! Rihanna (oo na na, what’s my name?) plays an unglamorous part as a member of the crew; unfortunately, you won’t see her fire red hair anywhere in the trailer.

The Future of Movies?

     The Wired Blog announced in late June that a “MoviePass” was in the works. The “MoviePass" was the concept of offering a movie theater subscription program. Recently, the Tribeca Film Festival blog discussed how large theatre chains were interested in participating. It seemed to be in the stages of moving forward until AMC Theatres jumped the boat. This pulled the plug indefinitely.  It was Netflix for the movies! Instead of paying $13.50 (NOT including IMAX or 3-D) for each movie, the theater would either have a monthly or yearly annual fee to view movies.

    Truthfully, when I heard the actual price of the pass, I became hesitant.  The pass would’ve been $50 per month which comes out to $600 per year. OUCH! I don’t think you’re average American would put down this kind of moola. However, the fee works in favor of the customer. Let’s say you see five in one month, it would be $10 per movie. If you watched without the plan, five films would be $13.50 each with a total of $67.50.

     Now, how do we feel about this? Is this a lost opportunity? I like the idea of going an unlimited amount of times for a special fee. Now, this all depends if you are a frequent visitor to the theatres. You may be a rare moviegoer unlike me who has literally has seen the inside of a Regal or AMC more times than my own apartment.  So, what about seeing movies at home? Discussions between studios and theatres have gone on for years about bringing new release films to the comfort of your home. I’m sad to say that the bickering of fees and negotiations have prevented this from ever happening. But could this idea work instead?

     Speaking of home video,  don’t even get me started on the new Netflix service plans! September 1st begins the new plans for Netflix members. DVD holders and Instant Streaming viewers will now pay separately for each service. I no longer have the option of both viewing methods. My current One-At-A-Time Unlimited DVD $8 plan will become $16. Unhappy people have rebelled and a reported TWO MILLION customers have cancelled their accounts. I understand that it is expensive to stream movies but I just can’t make a decision on which to choose. DVD or Instant Streaming. This is like Sophie’s Choice! I can’t choose between my children! I’m delaying the process by waiting until August 31st at 11:59 p.m. to choose a new plan. Movie ticket prices continue to rise and it seems other Netflix alternative are limited in their collection. Even with news that Walmart has started streaming films, I feel like we can’t catch a break. The assortment is "limited" (20,000 films doesn’t really include new releases).  All I can say is: Thank God for AMC’S $6 movies before noon on Friday/Saturday/Sundays; otherwise, I’d be doing “double features.”

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sandwich Snacks: Lunch Box Roundup

        Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling *drooling* are teaming up again for The Gangster Squad; a period piece with Sean Penn. Emma will be caught between two men.Who will see choose: A detective or a mobster. Is it too early to buy my ticket?
              Robyn's cover of Coldplay's "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall" is streaming online and it will rock your ears off.
          More news on Fran Drescher's new show, Happily Divorced. Not only was it renewed for a second season but she has a visitor! Mr. Sheffield is back! Charles Shaughnessy will make a special guest appearance. I'm so excited for this. I love The Nanny and still watch incessant repeat on NickAtNite.*Oh goodness, did I just admit that in public?*
        You may have a lot in common with artist Santigold. A fun little article on Spin reveals her love for The Smiths, Sixteen Candles, and just being awesome. Got to love this gal!   

     New Trailers/Clips
Blast from The Past
    An OLD Mickey Mouse Club clip of Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake has surfaced online. The boys were SANGIN' like Jodeci. It's corny but in a great I-can't believe-that-just-happened-way. Too bad Justin didn't put that to good use... Oh, wait...Nevermind.

In Time

    Boy, I have Justin Timberlake and Ryan twice posted here. Sorry, but with summer movies and their busy career schedules - it seems I can work around the clock with these two. The trailer for Justin's film In Time was posted online. The clip was screened earlier for the Comic-Con audience. The movie provides the concept of time replacing money. It's looks to be a slick action packed film. Minority Report it may not be but I think we owe JT a chance to prove he really is leading man material (Friends With Benefits doesn't count since we know he can do comedy all  too well.) The film also stars Amanda Seyfried, Cillian Murphy, Olivia Wilde, Matt Bomer, and Alex Pettyfer. It's seems JT is adding actor to his permanent resume. *Hello, JT from the Mickey clip, I know you still go it!*  


The Men of Warrior

    The first time I saw the opening seconds of the Warrior trailer, I groaned. "What, AGAIN? Just call it The Fighter, Part II." But then, I saw Tom Hardy. For those who don't know, Tom Hardy is definitely on the list for "Ones to Watch." His scene stealing performance in Inception brought him well deserved recognition. A favorite of mine is his "Handsome Bob" - the gangsta with a "swagger" in Guy Ritchie's RocknRolla.  Audiences everywhere will know him as Bane - the masked villain in the upcoming Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises.

    Warrior is about two brothers rising to fame as unlikely UFC fighters. One is an ex-marine while the other is a former school teacher. I can't say they are the traditional candidates for prize fighters. Tensions arise as the trailer shows complications in their lives due to this new career. Even more so, as they prepare to battle each other in the end.

    As a companion to the book, the studio is releasing a book of photography.These shots (from NYMag) are not your average publicity photos. The very concepts and movements are borderline artistic. The lighting reminds me of Caravaggio's chiaroscuro lighting techniques. *Holy Cow, an art reference! Ugh, how pretentious.* I could see these images at the Museum of Modern Art. Take a look at these pictures below. I must say they are breathtaking.

Warrior hits the screen on Sept. 9.
The Men of Warrior by Tim Palen is available in bookstores on August 9 in paperback.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Buzzworthy Music Tuesdays: July 26th


    Nylon Mag is offering a Summer Playlist on iTunes that I highly recommend. IT'S FREE. Here's the link. Expires this Sunday. 

    On the playlist is Lose It by Austra. I've played this song REPEATLY. It's a catchy tune with easy lyrics. You might be saying "What is this? Electro pop/New Wave? Didn't I just see this girl running for the "L" train in Williamsburg?" Why yes is your answer to all! This song (by a Canadian band, eh) makes you want to bop your head, dance, and even do the forbidden fist pump. Take a second to open your ears to this insanely addictive song while watching their quirky video.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sandwich Snacks: Today's Dinner Roundup

News: Say Wha?
   James Franco is going back to visit the folks at General Hospital.  The actor, artist, writer, singer, host … The renaissance man will be playing his same role as a killer/artist on the long time daytime soap. Since 2009, he’s played this character several times.  Hmm, I hope he doesn’t add that one to his real-life resume. Why doesn’t he just make it a full-time job? It’s not like he does anything else…Oh wait... Nevermind. Housewives everywhere will swoon at their TV come September for a “long-term” role (whatever that means).

    Everyone is still buzzing about the Glee panel at Comic-Con. Producer Brad Falchuk announced the three main characters (Kurt, Finn, and Rachel) but will NOT be leaving the show even though they are graduating next season. However, Chord Overstreet who plans blondie “trout-mouth” Sam is not returning. He instead opted for other opportunities in his career. *Oh great, another one of those.* Maybe they all go to the same college and create a new glee club there? Endless possibilities? Or has this show run it’s course?

    MTV is bringing back new episodes of Beavis and Butt-Head. I guess Nickelodeon isn’t the only one bring the 90s back. I wasn’t a big fan of the show nor will I probably watch it this time around but I expect it to be a huge deal among the Family Guy/South Park circuit.  Oh, I can hear the bad impressions now from fan boys/gals.

    The Chilean Miners have stuck a deal and a movie is coming soon. Jose Rivera (screenwriter from Motorcycle Diaries) is set to pen the story. Now, I would generally skip this type of film but Motorcycle Diaries was a beautiful movie. Then again, that could have been because I was staring at Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal the whole time.

    Jon Hamm is briefly joining the 2nd second of David’s Cross’ IFC TV show, The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret. As seen from his hysterical scenes in Bridesmaids and his hosting abilities on SNL, this man is F-U-N-N-Y. I don’t know why I’m not watching this show yet. I loved Arrested Development and anything with Will Arnett has my full undivided attention. Dear Will, for watching all episodes of the short lived Running Wilde  - don’t worry I’ll say it for you “you’re welcome.” For those Mad Men fans, it won’t interfere with the AMC series.

    Michael K Williams (Omar from Wire) and John Goodman are to guest star on NBC's Community this Fall. Why aren't you watching this show?! Check out the pic Joel McHale posted 1st day back on his Twitter.

    Last but not least, Mr. HOVA aka Jay-Z and Kayne West will be touring together to promo their new album in September. Their union as a duo is under a new name called "The Throne." Low and behold, as the battle of the EGOS begin! Jay himself is epic! Just wait until these two eminent performers get onstage.

New Trailers 

Dream House

    The real-life newlyweds Rachel Weiss and Daniel Craig’s scary suspense film looks like a mind-trip. The house is haunted by ghost from a family that was murdered by the husband. Or is it? Daniel’s character sets to solve the mystery only to discover it was him and his family. I don’t know if the producers took a good look at this clip but I feel like a major secret was unraveled. Yet still, I’m buying a ticket.

Main Street

    Orlando Bloom was attacked by a caterpillar! The creature must have been won the fight because he know has a weird little mustache on that pirate face.  He and Colin Firth (MR. DARCY!) filmed this in 2009. I must say the delay in the release makes me hesitant in the quality of the story. Colin is a stranger with plans to rebuild an old town. Eeh, maybe I’ll Netflix. Seriously folks, I posted this for that ‘stache!

Ol’ Skool Nickelodeon

   The Adventures of Pete & Pete, Double Dare, Rugrats, Doug… I can go on for hours about the good olden days of classic Nickelodeon. For the first time ever, the 80s/90s series Hey Dude is on DVD for your home collection. Hey Dude wasn’t my favorite but I do hope Nick continues to put these nostalgic shows on DVD. Secret World Of Alex Mack viewing parties? Oh, I am definitely there.

   Just the news of this DVD got me thinking of being younger and the excitement associated with watching Nick. Do you remember SNICK? The two hour block of new shows on Saturday nights. *Side note: It was the perfect companion to T.G.I.F. on ABC which included Boy Meets World!* I loved All That! I even had the album soundtrack. (No joke, there were some jammin’ 90s R&B and Hip Hop songs.). I can remember watching Kenan and Kel after badly rapping to Coolio’s theme song. I mean no one loved Orange Soda more than Kel. I do, I do, I doooo! Oh, even thinking about Are You Afraid of The Dark? scares the crap out of me today. I’m crossing my fingers for the next DVD to be Salute Your Shorts. A group of misfits together at camp was an oasis for my old teeny-bopper self.

   When I switch back to Nick now, it’s seriously confuses me. What is this iCarly? Big Time Rush? Bucket and Skinner's Epic Adventure? Apparently, this is a show about surfers. I mean WTF? Is the production team smoking crack? Surfers? I think it would’ve been more plausible to call it Bill & Ted’s Excellence Adventure: The Beach Prequel. It’s uncanny how the Skinner acts like a young hopeless Keanu Reeves (Wait, Keanu and hopeless aren’t similes?) I can’t image how the kids today watch this "entertainment." What happened to The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo or Global Guts? As for animation, no luck in quality there. What the hell is a T.U.F.F. Puppy? Every morning The Penguins of Madagascar is on excessive repeat. Whatever happened to Hey Arnold! or I’ll even take Muppet Babies?


   Okay, it’s fair to say that Ren & Stimpy wasn’t what we call "educational" or even "appropriate for children" but everything else on Nick could still be played today. I can say that I do enjoy an episode or two of SpongeBob Square Pants and Fairly Oddparents but after an hour I am DONE. I think this is why cable has so many channels because variety is not only wanted but needed. I’m pretty sure kids now watch programming for older audiences because they are bored with their limited channels. No wonder my 10-year-old cousin watches Syfy instead of Cartoon Network!

   Good news is that Nick recognizes the love and is bringing "The ’90s Are All That!" starting tonight on TeenNick. Your favorite shows will air Monday through Sunday from midnight to 4:00 a.m (ET). I know I can’t wait to fill my DVR with episodes of Clarissa Explains It All. Dear Nick programmers, from me to you – thank you!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

TV Recommendation: Zen

    Several of the best shows on TV can be found on Sunday Nights. I myself watch True Blood, Drop Dead Diva, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Falling Skies, AND Masterpiece Classic. *I sincerely don't know how I manage it!* Sunday has always been home to "prime' television; speaking of which, Masterpiece Classic is not just for geezer and Anglophiles. I recall a certain Cookie Monster and his love of Masterpiece Theater (the name has changed since then). Just to name a few shows: Downton Abbey, Sherlock Holmes, Little Dorrit, Pride and Prejudice were all British production shown on PBS. I can say tonight's programming keeps in this good company.

    Tonight is the second installment of Zen for Masterpiece Mystery. Rufus Sewell stars as the titled character. He's a snazzy detective solving crimes on the cobble streets of Rome. A man that can effortlessly rock an Armani suit deserves our attention.

    In this story, it seems the majority of the Italian government officials are corrupt. Why accepting bribes for murder cases? Oh, just another day at the office. What's special about Aurelio Zen is his morale and uncharted honesty which makes him an outcast in his department. This trait makes him a choice target for criminals and colleagues alike. The first chapter involves two murder cases that aren't so easy to solve. Nothing looks as it seems and our detective has to go digging for dirtZen has a romantic subplot with the married office secretary. Hey! Hey! The affair is (for lack of a better word) charming. She has a "complicated" relationship. For once, an adulterer doesn't act like a total sleazebag.  

    The first episode ("Vendetta") is currently streaming at on the PBS site. I thoughly enjoyed this series because it felt like what a "mystery" was suppose to be. *Also, it fills the void left by Downton Abbey until that comes back in January.* I encourage you to take a look for a stylish thriller mixed with splashes of intrigue, romance, and comedy. Zen still lives with his mother. A man on the brink of 40 and doesn't have his own place. Yeah, that is sure to provided entertainment (or a sad reminder for some.. Sorry, fellas!)  

 Masterpiece Mystery - Zen: "Cabal" airs tonight on PBS at 9pm (check your local listings.)

In Memoriam: Amy Winehouse

"I didn't go out looking to be famous... I'm just a musician."

    A tragic day for the music industry, powerhouse vocalist Amy Winehouse died on Saturday in her London flat. Details are still pending but drugs are suspected as foul play. Much has been said since she hit the airwaves in 2003.  Innovator, addict, troubled, talented, and genius are some adjectives being thrown again today. Her battle with abuse and drugs continued throughout her life but we shouldn't let it deter from why she became famous: that distinctive voice. Her album, Back To Black, won 5 Grammys including Best New Artist. A successful career awaited her but life had different plans.

    Her troubles started early after drunken performances and fights with photographers/fans. Amy also admitted to cutting herself in various times of her life. Worst, her Ex-Husband is to blame for introducing her to crack and heroin. You think after almost overdosing in 2007 and learning that she showed the early signs of emphysema in 2008, her problems would cease to exist.  During the past year, she was on a downward spiral. She left rehab early only after two weeks in May. Forget the fact that she dowsed a small bottle of vodka on the way there. She rushed the process to go on tour. Her concert at Serbia (in which she was over an hour late and drunk) was dubbed “the worst in the history of Belgrade” and led to the cancellation of the rest of the European tour. Her last appearance was only 3 days ago at the London iTunes Festival to support her goddaughter and new artist, Dionne Bromfield. Unfortunately, she passed away and without a determined cause of death. Eerie enough, Amy is now a member of the “27 Club.” Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, and Kurt Cobain are all musical artists that died at the young age of 27.

     How could you not know about Amy? Her songs were on every genre of radio stations. The nickname “Wino” was ironic label. Her beehive bouffant hairstyle, black winged eyeliner, and tiny clothing was and still is a favorite among women for Halloween.  We shouldn’t forgot how she impacted society, music, and fashion in such a short time. She influenced everything from Vogue Paris to Chanel runways to even movies. She had a signature style and attitude. Adele, Duffy, and Lady Gaga even credited Amy as opening the door for artists.

    It bothers me that her personal life overshadowed her talent. I love her music. Dynamic lyrics mixed with 1960’s soul was the soundtrack to my life in 2006. "You made me miss the Slick Rick gig" is one of my favorite lyrics. I eagerly waited for her follow up. She did a single here and there but no real album. I’m so disappointed in how her story ended. Yes, she had numerous issues but we all do. I won’t judge her sins. I can’t believe she’s gone. I always thought she’d have the greatest comeback in history. At least, she’s finally at peace. I’ll imagine her singing Motown hits with the deceased Marvin Gaye, Tammi Terrell, Sam Cooke, and Mary Wells. She’s not here but her music will be played for years to come.

Five Recommended SongsC

(My Personal Favorites)


Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

To Know Him Is To Love Him

You Know I'm No Good


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sandwich Snacks: Upcoming Trailers and Clips

Another update from Comic-Con!  New movies just keep on rollin’! Plus, new TV clips from your favorite shows!

Big Screen


   Here is Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan in an impressive new trailer. Because of the title, I thought these fine actors turned over to the dark side and went towards the Vin Diesel school of acting. Thankfully, this has nothing to do with anything The Fast and Furious. Ryan truly is a gifted actor. He’s choosing roles that are diverse which some actors can’t do *cough cough Vinny the Diesel.*  I have the chills from these scenes and it’s only a 2:30 minute clip! I strongly recommend his phenomenal performance  (robbed an Oscar there) in Half Nelson. He’s not that little Mouseketeer anymore. In reality, I’d watch Ryan Gosling hold a paper bag for two hours. *He’s oh so dreamy.* No, but seriously it looks promising!  


   Ocean’s Eleven director Steven Soderberg decided to cast a Mixed Martial Arts fighter, Gina Carano in his upcoming action suspense film. Some are saying it looks like a female version of the Bourne Identity series.  Do people feel like Piper Perabo in Covert Affairs and last year with Angelina Jolie in Salt are enough? I feel like there a can be multiple female stories. Why do female-lead films have to be restricted to a small number per year? Regardless, IMDB has the supporting cast listed and it’s a doozey! Michael Fassbender, Channing Tatum, Ewan McGregor (EYE CANDY EXPLOSION). And oh yeah, Antonio Banderas, Bill Paxton, and Michael Douglas. The trailer shows what is sure to be a kick-ass adventure. With this director and these actors, I know I’m ready to by my ticket.

Fright Night


   The 80’s horror film is being remade with Colin Farrell as the nasty-vampire-next-door. Don’t expect that supernatural phase to go away anytime in the next few... Well, it’s a genre now. It’s here forever! He maybe a bad-boy celeb but I always think of Colin from S.W.A.T. or In Bruges (shockingly good comedic acting). He’s seems to have that handsome yet creepy vibe going for him. Just for laughs, they added McLovin’ to the cast. Hopefully, this won’t be another Friday the 13th remake. EEK!

Breaking Dawn

(Bad quality clip)

   Now, I want to say who cares but this is a MONSTER franchise. It’s been on the minds of teenage girls and grown women.  I’m not going to lie. I’ve read all the books. Did I obsessive over them? No, I felt they weren’t even substantial enough to compare to Harry Potter.  I have seen all films (in theaters opening weekend I will admit). I’m awaiting the release like everyone else but just don’t expect me to scream and swoon at the movies. *I do that in private.* I’m glad Dreamgirls director Bill Condon has directed the film. I feel like it won’t be as hokey as the other films. Do I dare say? I except he’ll bring some class and provide a worthy adaption. 

Small Screen

The Walking Dead

   AMC’s hit series is coming back in October. Cracks are spreading in the foundation of the survivors’ group. Now with zombies galore, I don’t think breaking away from each other is the smartest idea. Unlike last year’s six episodes, the panel told the audience to prepare for a full season.  Actress Sarah Wayne Callies said "These are the best scripts I've ever read." That’s a pretty bold statement. I hope she’s right especially since it’s AMC’s highest rated show. There’s not a much amount of gore, guts, and blood in this trailer as last season but I don’t see the pace slowing down.  

Last, but not least:

True Blood

  I am a True Blood fang-atic! I’ve read the Sookie Stackhouse novels. I own the DVDs. And best of all, I worship Eric Northman. (TEAM ERIC, folks). I genuinely have “water cooler” conversions with my co-workers. Everyone knows to come to me for the recap! The fourth season premiered on HBO in late June. Even though it’s only a few episodes in, the panel showed a clip for what awaits the vamps in Bon Temps. All I can say: OH-MY-GAWD!! FRIGGIN’ WOWZA. I’m a bit SPEECHLESS which isn’t good considering I’m writing a blog. I CAN’T WAIT!! Producer Alan Ball isn’t afraid to stray await from the original novels. I, for one, am happy about that. Creativity spills out of this series. Where else can you see this kind of show? I understand some people think it’s campy or involves too much sex and violence but it’s a guilty pleasure. That’s the whole point!  


Woo! Now, with that end’s today’s Comic-Con fun.