Thursday, July 21, 2011

Comic-Con: No longer for Geeks, Nerds, and Virgins

   San Diego (or as they say German "Whale's Va..." Hey, you remember the quote!) is home to Comic-Con. Wednesday jumped off the five day bonanza/convention filled with  TV shows, movies, games, panels, previews, and other activities to excited the hearts of thousands of teenage boys. However, it's not just for "nerds" anymore. Comic-Con is a respected venue that the entertainment industry fights to be apart of. Not only is it an opportunity for major promotion but it becomes a grandiose focus group. Here's your customer, ladies and gents! Do he/she love it, hate it, laugh at the appropriate times, foam at the mouths for our product?

   I wish I was in Cali for this event; unfortunately, I am stuck in this East Coast Heatwave. By not being live in person (hopefully one day!),  I can't do it justice but 'll try my best to bring some highlights to my page. 

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