Monday, July 25, 2011

Sandwich Snacks: Today's Dinner Roundup

News: Say Wha?
   James Franco is going back to visit the folks at General Hospital.  The actor, artist, writer, singer, host … The renaissance man will be playing his same role as a killer/artist on the long time daytime soap. Since 2009, he’s played this character several times.  Hmm, I hope he doesn’t add that one to his real-life resume. Why doesn’t he just make it a full-time job? It’s not like he does anything else…Oh wait... Nevermind. Housewives everywhere will swoon at their TV come September for a “long-term” role (whatever that means).

    Everyone is still buzzing about the Glee panel at Comic-Con. Producer Brad Falchuk announced the three main characters (Kurt, Finn, and Rachel) but will NOT be leaving the show even though they are graduating next season. However, Chord Overstreet who plans blondie “trout-mouth” Sam is not returning. He instead opted for other opportunities in his career. *Oh great, another one of those.* Maybe they all go to the same college and create a new glee club there? Endless possibilities? Or has this show run it’s course?

    MTV is bringing back new episodes of Beavis and Butt-Head. I guess Nickelodeon isn’t the only one bring the 90s back. I wasn’t a big fan of the show nor will I probably watch it this time around but I expect it to be a huge deal among the Family Guy/South Park circuit.  Oh, I can hear the bad impressions now from fan boys/gals.

    The Chilean Miners have stuck a deal and a movie is coming soon. Jose Rivera (screenwriter from Motorcycle Diaries) is set to pen the story. Now, I would generally skip this type of film but Motorcycle Diaries was a beautiful movie. Then again, that could have been because I was staring at Gael García Bernal the whole time.

    Jon Hamm is briefly joining the 2nd second of David’s Cross’ IFC TV show, The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret. As seen from his hysterical scenes in Bridesmaids and his hosting abilities on SNL, this man is F-U-N-N-Y. I don’t know why I’m not watching this show yet. I loved Arrested Development and anything with Will Arnett has my full undivided attention. Dear Will, for watching all episodes of the short lived Running Wilde  - don’t worry I’ll say it for you “you’re welcome.” For those Mad Men fans, it won’t interfere with the AMC series.

    Michael K Williams (Omar from Wire) and John Goodman are to guest star on NBC's Community this Fall. Why aren't you watching this show?! Check out the pic Joel McHale posted 1st day back on his Twitter.

    Last but not least, Mr. HOVA aka Jay-Z and Kayne West will be touring together to promo their new album in September. Their union as a duo is under a new name called "The Throne." Low and behold, as the battle of the EGOS begin! Jay himself is epic! Just wait until these two eminent performers get onstage.

New Trailers 

Dream House

    The real-life newlyweds Rachel Weiss and Daniel Craig’s scary suspense film looks like a mind-trip. The house is haunted by ghost from a family that was murdered by the husband. Or is it? Daniel’s character sets to solve the mystery only to discover it was him and his family. I don’t know if the producers took a good look at this clip but I feel like a major secret was unraveled. Yet still, I’m buying a ticket.

Main Street

    Orlando Bloom was attacked by a caterpillar! The creature must have been won the fight because he know has a weird little mustache on that pirate face.  He and Colin Firth (MR. DARCY!) filmed this in 2009. I must say the delay in the release makes me hesitant in the quality of the story. Colin is a stranger with plans to rebuild an old town. Eeh, maybe I’ll Netflix. Seriously folks, I posted this for that ‘stache!

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