Thursday, July 21, 2011

Doesn’t this look familiar? *Spidey Senses Ignite*

   The new The Amazing Spider-man trailer appeared online yesterday. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly a new story. This new adaptation is the introduction of Peter Parker as Spider-man. Wasn’t this done in 2002 by Sam Raimi? Why, yes it was!

  The question is: Do We Really Need Another Spider-man? Well, this conversion came up when Ang Lee directed The Hulk to horrid reviews. Not only was it unpopular with fans, it just wasn’t any good. This didn’t stop Hollywood because 2008’sThe Incredible Hulk starting Edward Norton arrived in theaters to improved reviews but not as financially successful as we all expected.

   Now, maybe I shouldn’t compare these two comic heroes. Besides being incredibility different, the Spider-man trilogy was a massive cash cow breaking numerous box office records at that time. The last two films weren’t great stories but millions of moviegoers ran to see them. I can’t help but wonder: What’s the point where there are hundreds of superheroes out there? Hello Wonder Woman, anyone? Could it be America loves the Average Joe and his boy-next-door-gets-bit-by-a-spider-and-becomes-a-super-crime-fighter story? Will people see this new version? I think so.

   I am curious to see this movie. How will Andrew Garfield compare to Tobey Maguire? Do we care he’s British and a maybe little scrawny? (Seriously, did anyone believe Tobey’s muscles?) Is Gwen Stacey is an acceptable love interest for Peter?  Director Marc Webb (500 days of Summer!!) doesn’t have the action flick background. How will he match up? This trailer looks dark and looks to follow the Christopher Nolan handbook. I never thought of this character to be moody. Hmm, let’s see where the producers take it.

   I must say the addition of Emma Stone makes me very interested in seeing this. I don’t know what it is about her expect to say she’s funny and extremely likable. I am glad to see Martin Sheen, Sally Field and basically everyone in this movie. What a magnificent cast! Think about this time next year.  Food, transportation, even children will be stamped with merchandise and advertisements. Spider-man refuses to go away. So, get ready to set the date for Summer 2012.  

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