Friday, July 22, 2011

Coming This Fall: The Ringer

   The Ringer isn't in reference to the Johnny Knoxville film. It's a brand new show starting this Fall on The CW starring none other than Sarah Michelle Geller. I think you've heard of her. She was on some show called Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Yeah, I think a few people saw it. I kid, I kid. SMG is back on TV. This is the best news to hit the small screen since finding out Cablevision has free HD channels! (Okay, I may have exaggerated there.) The show's panel hit Comic Con yesterday and created buzz in it's early stages.

    Everyone is going to compare this role to Buffy. Obviously, this show won't be the fantasy we all remember Mrs. Freddy Prince Jr. kicking ass in. Here's the back story:  SMG plays twin sisters. Murder witness, Bridget is wanted by the mob. Wealthy yet fabulous sister Siobhan is dead. Or is she? *Note to the writers: lovely name! Ten Brownie Points.* Bridget becomes Siobhan by stealing her identity and taking her complicated lifestyle along the way. I like that you really don't know who is good and who is bad. Both characters are not as they seem. INTRIGUE!

   In anticipation of good ratings, the producers have a three-year storyline planned out! SMG told the Comic-Con panel that she's not doing the stunts like she did in the past. Don't fret, folks!  Instead of a stake, she's toting a gun! From the short clip shown online, The Ringer seems to be filled with exactly what's missing on TV - drama that becomes a mysterious thriller. It seems no one will remember AMC's The Killing come Fall.

The Ringer premires on Tuesday Sept. 13th on The CW. 

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