Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sandwich Snacks: Lunch Box Roundup

        Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling *drooling* are teaming up again for The Gangster Squad; a period piece with Sean Penn. Emma will be caught between two men.Who will see choose: A detective or a mobster. Is it too early to buy my ticket?
              Robyn's cover of Coldplay's "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall" is streaming online and it will rock your ears off.
          More news on Fran Drescher's new show, Happily Divorced. Not only was it renewed for a second season but she has a visitor! Mr. Sheffield is back! Charles Shaughnessy will make a special guest appearance. I'm so excited for this. I love The Nanny and still watch incessant repeat on NickAtNite.*Oh goodness, did I just admit that in public?*
        You may have a lot in common with artist Santigold. A fun little article on Spin reveals her love for The Smiths, Sixteen Candles, and just being awesome. Got to love this gal!   

     New Trailers/Clips
Blast from The Past
    An OLD Mickey Mouse Club clip of Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake has surfaced online. The boys were SANGIN' like Jodeci. It's corny but in a great I-can't believe-that-just-happened-way. Too bad Justin didn't put that to good use... Oh, wait...Nevermind.

In Time

    Boy, I have Justin Timberlake and Ryan twice posted here. Sorry, but with summer movies and their busy career schedules - it seems I can work around the clock with these two. The trailer for Justin's film In Time was posted online. The clip was screened earlier for the Comic-Con audience. The movie provides the concept of time replacing money. It's looks to be a slick action packed film. Minority Report it may not be but I think we owe JT a chance to prove he really is leading man material (Friends With Benefits doesn't count since we know he can do comedy all  too well.) The film also stars Amanda Seyfried, Cillian Murphy, Olivia Wilde, Matt Bomer, and Alex Pettyfer. It's seems JT is adding actor to his permanent resume. *Hello, JT from the Mickey clip, I know you still go it!*  


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  1. Love it- video clips can be a little bigger. When you go to copy/paste the code- go for the larger size :)

    Aside from that can I suggest your mid day clips be named "Lunch box round up" ?? just a suggestion