Monday, August 22, 2011

What I Learned From: Breakfast At Tiffany's

“Did I Tell You How Divinely and Utterly Happy I Am?”

 Use this sentence at least once a week. Either say it to yourself as a affirmation or just a general statement said in any conversion.

“Personally, I Think It Would Be Tacky To Wear Diamonds Before I’m 40.”

An essential style note from NY’s classiest call girl. Aim for pearls or silver.

Holly Golightly is the biggest fashionista to ever hit the screen. Little Black Dresses everywhere say thank you.

Men sometimes act like either “rats, super-rats, mice.”

Ms. Golighly sure didn’t have any luck with men until she met Paul Varjack and this was the 60s. I can’t begin to explain the NY men of today!  

The “Mean Reds” are the worse than the old “Blues.”

“You’re afraid and you don’t know what you’re afraid of.” The only cure is a trip to Tiffany’s!

Nothing Bad Can Happen To You Inside Of Tiffany's.


It may be pricy but staring into the cool crisp glass displays overseeing diamonds, pearls, gold, silver, platinum, and every other gem a girl’s heart desire is sure to either cheer you up or depress the hell out of you because you aren’t taking anything home.

Swinging House Parties Are The Best

Women crying at the party, Rusty Trawler, endless dancing, and possibly the best time of the 1960s happen inside of Holly’s apartment Poor Mr. Yunioshi couldn't take it!

Do Not Accept Drinks From Disapproving Gentlemen

Especially not disapproving gentlemen who are kept by other ladies. What right does he have to judge you!?

“A Girl Can’t Read That Sort Of Thing Without Her Lipstick” 

Important events happen at a moment's notice so a Holly must always have her “face” on when reading letters! But for us real girls, it's always nice to look your best.

Love Doesn’t Put You In Cage

It’s okay for people to belong to other people because whether you like it or not we all wish for that movie cliché of kissing in the rain.


  1. They say "takes one to know one" but as a call girl myself, that aspect of the movie went WAY over my head, like others. I thought she was kinda a hustler with sugar daddies, but not a straight-up sex for money kinda call girl. I plan to watch the movie a 2nd, 3rd time down the road.

  2. Audrey Hepburn portray Holly Golightly beautifully. Truman Capote would be proud. Her wide eyes and enchanting smile bring this romantic story irrepressable charm. Henry Mancini's soundtrack is splendid.