Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Florence Is Back!

    The original and vibrant Welsh songbird is back with TWO new songs. Florence released her last album Lungs in 2009. I've seen her THREE times in concert. I consider her to be one of the greatest performers EVER. It's not a concert - it's an experience! The new album is set for November 7th and was recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in England. I'm beyond excited to hear her new material. Below is the video for "What The Water Gave Me" which is the first single. The second "Strangeness and Charm" will be on the album but I've actually heard her sing this song live. It's breathtaking! It's destined to be a bestseller and will rock our socks off.

"Lay me down / Let the only sound be the overflow / Pockets full of stones / That's what the water gave us!"

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