Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sandwich Snacks: What I Learned From: The Cosby Show


1) Wear Ugly Sweaters



Mr. Cosby always had the most unique fashion sense. These sweaters say “I’m smart, educated, and a doctor. And yes...I got myself a fine wife, so I really don’t have to dress all that well”

2) Fishes Deserve Proper Funerals

Rudy’s fish kicks the bucket so everyone dresses up in full church clothing for Lamont’s funeral. Unfortunately, Rudy gets bored and wants to watch TV. Everyone deserves such a classy service in the toilet.

3) Never Judge Someone By Their Name Even If It Is “Cockroach”

Cockroach was Theo’s best bud. He was dependable, fun, and eventually became Martin’s friend on his TV show years later.

4) Don’t Wear Unplugged Headphones As A Disguise

Theo thought he’d look pretty good with a pierced ear but when it becomes infected he has to tell his dad. One of my favorite scenes is when Cosby says below:

Cliff: Son?
Theo: Yeah, Dad?
Cliff: There's no music coming through the headset. You still bopping to what's left of your brain?"

5) Finally, Leave The DYI To Martha Stewart And Just Buy Retail

Oh Denise, you tried your best but that shirt is busted! Poor Theo isn’t impressing the girl for his big date.

 *Side note* We all realize that Denise was a hipster before anyone thought it was cool, correct?

I know the term “hipster” is from the 1940s but home girl was FLY!

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  1. I love it!!!!!!
    Also, don't forget Cliff Huxtable's love for hoagie sandwiches.