Monday, August 15, 2011

An Open Letter: Remakes

   The recent news this week involving remakes on TV and in movies has made me SICK. The newest update will be a remake of the classic 1960’s show Bewitched. The day before, studios announced a plan to remake Dirty Dancing. Right now in the “re-works” is Total Recall, Red Dawn, Juice, A Star Is Born, and The Thin Man. Coming out this week is Fright Night and Conan The Barbarian. WHAT?? ARE ALL THESE REALLY NECESSARY? I am appalled by this LACK of creativity. Now, I see advertisements for the newest installment of Charlie’s Angels and Footloose on TV.

    I mean COME ON. Are there no original ideas out there? Don’t even give me an excuse. "Well, we want to bring it the younger generations." There is this device called a DVD player and it's revolutionary! It allows the younger generations to view these classics. I wasn't born in 1963 but I love Charade. I saw Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant over 30 years later. I didn't see to see it revamped or with a new direction. It was perfection all in it's own. I refuse to even consider the remake 2003's The Truth About Charlie.

    Look at Inception or Pushing Daisies. We’ve seen these visionary concepts out there but not everyone hits the screen. Eli Stone was cancelled too soon; as was, Wonderfalls on TV. Please, please, please stop recycling these old ideas. I implored you! I can’t think of one good remake. (Steve Martin’s Father Of The Bride was a great companion to the 1950 version starring Spencer Tracy but you can’t replace the original.)

    Here’s hoping this little trend will stop eventually; or else, everything we see will become a horrible circle of the same thing but from 20 years ago.

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