Wednesday, September 21, 2011

TV Recommendation: Homeland

     The new Showtime show Homeland is an intriguing new series staring Claire Danes, Mandy Patinkin, and Damien Lewis. Homeland follows Dane as a CIA analysis searching to find evidence that a POW marine is a turned agent and will betray the country. Lewis plays the POW who had been in Iraq for 8 years. His journey back to life in the US is not an easy one as he is pushed head first into society after such an ordeal. I was very impressed by the pilot. In the past, movies or shows based on Middle Eastern affairs have been too complicated or intricate for average viewers to comprehend. I loved that this show was easy to follow.

    I half expected Danes to wave those fabulous Latisse sponsored eyes like it’s just a “so-called life.” Sorry, I couldn’t help myself but seriously you can tell that stuff WORKS! She’s very compelling as the borderline obsessive Carrie Anderson. Damien Lewis was specular in HBO’s Band of Brothers and he is no less here. I’m sad that he’s still unknown to most people today but he is perfectly cast as Sgt. Brody. I can see him doing wonders with this role. There is a solid supporting cast with the exception of Morena Baccarin from the recently cancelled ABC’s V. She feels too young to have teenage children! I’m hoping her scenes with Lewis save her time on screen.

    It’s completely overwhelming to think there are over 100 new shows returning this fall season. I recommend checking this one out for a series that I know will not disappoint. You can watch the pilot below before it airs live on October 2nd.

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